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Mother with her Child


Below you will find a list of state work groups and upcoming meetings that are attended by or led by CHSSCO staff.

Workgroups, Ad Hocs, Advisory and Committees

  • National American Indian/Alaska Native Head Start Collaboration Office Advisory Committee member

  • Head Start Collaboration Offices and State 619 Partners workgroup and meetings

CDE UPK/P-3:  
  • UPK Accelerated Pathways Constellation

  • UPK Support Systems Constellation

  • Impact Inclusion State Leadership Team

  • Local Implementation and Promising Practices Constellation

  • CSPP Focus Group

    • Providing Supports to Family Child Care through Family Child Care Home Education Networks 

    • Quality Supports

    • Supporting More Bilingual Program Models

    • Reducing Income Segregation and Supporting Mixed Income Programs

    • Ensuring Full Inclusion of Children with Disabilities

    • Serving More 3-Year-Old Children

DSS Early Childhood Data System:
  • Disabilities

  • Facilities

  • Workforce

  • Infant Early Childhood Mental Health Subject Matter Expert 

  • Guardian/Trustline 

  • Tribal Child Care Association of California

  • Leadership 

Collaboration Office: 
  • State Health Partnership workgroup

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